The Zinna Kingsley Reader (FREE Thursday through Saturday)

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Weird, dark fantasy fictionI have released an exciting new ebook, The Zinna Kingsley Reader. This ebook (available at Amazon) contains all three of my published short stories, as well as the complete first chapters from both of my novels, The Lord of Dream and Metal and Voidum.

Even more exciting: The Zinna Kingsley Reader will be free at Amazon for three days, starting tomorrow! That’s Thursday, May 10 through Saturday, May 12. Download it for free, read the stories, read the sneak peeks at my novels, and maybe you’ll need to find out how those proceed by purchasing the full novels! That’s the idea, anyway…

As it says in my Amazon marketing copy: The Zinna Kingsley Reader supplies over 50,000 words of jaw-slackening entertainment! It’s better than T.V.! It would take you days to get through that many words watching Prime Time, Cable, and Streaming all at the same time! (This has been verified through extensive studies, Double Blind and Triple Latté.)

So please, go ahead and discover the pleasures of exposure to the Zinna Kingsley touch… Free!


A Spotlight For Zinna Kingsley!

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Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 9), The Indie Spotlight will be focusing on my novel, The Lord of Dream and Metal.

The Indie Spotlight is a website that features in-depth exposure for the work of indie authors, and I do hope, to put it baldly, that more than a few visitors to that site tomorrow will be inspired to click on over to the Amazon page for The Lord of Dream and Metal (print, Kindle) and plunk some moulah down! Perhaps they’ll even mosey on over to the Voidum page (Kindle-only so far, but not for long!) and plunk some more moulah down!

That’s the idea anyway. (You know, you too, reader, are cordially invited to click your way over to Zinna Kingsley Heaven and plunk your moulah down! )

Happy Reading Everybody!

VOIDUM — My Latest Blockbuster!

May 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

Cover image for Voidum

Zinna Kingsley’s latest blockbuster fantasy/horror novel!

Please disregard any previous posts regarding Voidum! It will not be a trilogy: I’m releasing the whole monster in one volume!

Voidum is an exciting novel for me to promote because it is so huge and full of adventures, spanning many genres in its scope. There’re monsters, heroes, heroines, villains, mad scientists, epic insanity, true love, everything you could wish for in a story! Fantasy, science fiction, horror, crime … Voidum‘s got it all!

At 180,000 words long, you can see why I was thinking of releasing it as a trilogy, but I’ve decided that’s too cumbersome a format for this novel. It’s one continuous story, and it’s unnecessary and unfair to make people buy three volumes to get to the end!

The main characters are Kurt Silas, Sarah Browning, Dr. Emerson Jeffries, Adam, Eve, HEL, and a host of very colorful secondary characters.

Kurt is a high schooler beset by visions and hallucinations who gets physically whisked away into his own insanity. Sarah, his girlfriend, will stop at nothing to find him and bring him back from wherever he went. Dr. Emerson Jeffries is a mad scientist whose aid Sarah enlists to track Kurt down. The others… well, you’ll just have to read to find out!

Let it be said, however, that the fate of the world is under threat from more than one source … let’s hope that Sarah finds her man!

Check out the product page at AmazonVoidum, as yet, is only available as a Kindle ebook, but soon I’ll be releasing B&N and Smashwords editions, as well as a paperback. Just so you know, right now the price for this huge novel is only $3.99, but once I’ve released the other editions, I plan to jack it up to normal! 😉

At the Verge of Fame and Fortune!

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The Lord of Dream and Metal, a novel

Cover Design by Zinna!

That Books N Beans review I mentioned in my last post was delayed by a week due to personal circumstances, but now it’s on its way again! There’s quite a schedule lined up …

First, tomorrow, Kristi (the blogger at Books N Beans) will be posting a Book Giveaway! That’s right, she’s going to give away her review copy (paperback) as well as an ebook version (to be provided by moi. Yes, you’re welcome, you’re welcome… 😉

Then, on Saturday, she’ll post her review of The Lord of Dream and Metal, and I’m on pins and needles, I tell ya!

Then, on Sunday, she’ll post an Author Spotlight, revealing ever so much about the heretofore mysterious Zinna Kingsley, and you will be surprised and blown away, I promise!

And then, on Monday, she’ll post an Author Interview, in which I answer her questions about my book and the process that went into its creation.

Wow! What a marketing coup, eh? 🙂 I’m grateful to Kristi for the hard work she puts into promoting and exposing “indie authors” like myself to the wider world of readers. You have to respect and admire the work and dedication that goes into maintaining a blog of that caliber.

I can’t wait to be a part of it!

[UPDATE]  I forgot to come back here and post the link to the review! Probably because the review wasn’t so hot… 😉 Tra la la. She didn’t care for the story, but she had praise for the writing itself, anyway. Probably just not her thing, was my impression. (It was hard to tell as she was somewhat vague in delineating just what she found displeasing… which is fine, sometimes these things are difficult to articulate). At the very least, I got my first “exposure,” including the Author Spotlight and the Author Interview, both of which were fun to participate in, and both of which left me with material I may potentially use in other marketing venues…

In fact, I have another review coming up. No idea when, but I sent them the book last week, and I can’t wait to see what comes of it! (And I really can’t wait too find someone to review Voidum! If you’re interested, just let me know! It’s only available for Kindle so far, but the paperback is in the pipeline, and I’ll certainly release ebook editions at B&N and Smashwords soon enough.)

Publicity Road

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The Lord of Dream and Metal, a novel

Cover Design by Zinna!

I am excited to announce that my novel, The Lord of Dream and Metal, available in print and ebook form in many places where those forms are sold, will be receiving its first review from a blogger named Kristi. Her very accomplished blog is called Books N Beans, and not only will she be reviewing the novel next Friday, she will also be posting an “Author Spotlight” on Saturday and an “Author Interview” on Sunday. I’m covered in riches! It is an honor to receive such attention, and whether or not she actually gives it a good review, I will be dazzled like a movie star among the flashbulbs!

VOIDUM — Announcing My New Trilogy!

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Cover design by Zinna Kingsley

I’m excited to announce the release of my new novel, Conception, the first volume of the Voidum Trilogy. It’s available as an ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and eventually all those vendors to whom Smashwords distributes its titles. . . .

Voidum  is the area between reality and dream, a “buffer zone” which keeps each world safe from the other. . . . And now it has been breached! A teenager named Kurt Silas has somehow brought his dreams into reality, and will soon lose himself to dreams. His girlfriend, Sarah Browning, will do everything she can to rescue Kurt from his madness, and Dr. Emerson Jeffries, deranged scientist, will do everything he can to harness the incredible new power that Kurt has unleashed into the world. . . . And that’s only the least of it! This is a huge novel — so huge, I’ve split it into three parts, the first of which is called Conception. The second will be titled Labor Pains, and the third will likely be called, Birth.

Voidum is already written, so it shouldn’t be long before I get the rest of the trilogy into the bookstores. So go ahead and get your copy now! The others should be available within the a few months. . . .

Drainage — New eBook Short Story

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Drainage, a Short Story

Cover Design by Zinna Kingsley!

Today, in addition to my first novel, The Lord of Dream and Metal, I have released a short story entitled, “Drainage.” (This story is exclusive to the Kindle, just as all my others have been and will be in the foreseeable future . . . Amazon exclusivity enables my books to participate in the Kindle Select program, wherein Amazon Prime members may borrow my ebooks, and more importantly, I’m enabled to promote my titles with the occasional freebie! For example, The Old Man and the W. C. is free today through Thursday!)

A strange growth in a man’s drain is the least of his worries as a workplace bully threatens his future happiness with the woman of his dreams.

A revenge tale of the decidedly weird kind . . .  🙂

Buy at Amazon.